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Babyliss Trayplus ™ | Hair waver and curler.

The Trayplus ™ curler and hair curler has exclusive ion technology that allows you to style your hair without damaging it!

  • With adjustable temperature!

  • With three modules!

  • Don't damage your hair!

  • With temperature safety technology!
  Get your Trayplus ™ wavy curler now and style your hair however you want!

BeardHair ™ electric trimmer | Wireless sideboard

Our BeardHair ™ shaver and hair clipper is ideal for your salon and salon!
  • Rechargeable!
  • Aluminum base!
  • Exclusive PTC technology!
  • Do not rust!
  Get our BeardHair ™ shaver and hair clipper now and cut your hair however you want!

Body Slim tension rope | Exercise tension pedal

The innovative Body Slim tension rope is for you who want to exercise in the comfort of home!

  • Made with ultra resistant elastic!

  • Made of PVC!

  • 100% ergonomic!

  • Exercise your shoulder, waist, legs and arm!
  Get the Body Slim tension rope now and get in shape!

BrowMax ™ brush with eyebrow scissors | Eyebrow design

The newest BrowMax ™ Eyebrow Scissors Brush is ideal for you who like to shape your eyebrows precisely!

  • Made of sturdy material!

  • It doesn't hurt!

  • Can be washed Easy to wash!

  • Precise and delicate cut!
  Get the BrowMax ™ brush with eyebrow scissors now

Capillary Fiber Anti Baldness

Anti bald™ is the perfect solution to add volume to your hair and hide baldness! Extremely easy to use, with instant results, perfect for men and women!

  • Exclusive technology MaxQueratin✓, which increases hair volume!

  • Apply the powder to the area with the least hair and watch the magic happen!

  • Excellent results in areas that still have some hair!

  • Available in 10 hair colors, and with a gift applicator!
  Get your Anti bald ™ now and cover up your flaws in your hair!

DepilPlus ™ Depilatory Sponge | Hair removal sponge

The newest DepilPlus ™ Depilatory Sponge is ideal for you who are looking for a more practical and comfortable depilation!

  • Totally painless!

  • Does not irritate the skin!

  • Can be used while showering!

  • Made of sturdy material!
  Get your Depilatory Sponge now and say goodbye to unwanted hair!

High Compression Shaping Girdle | Reducing Slimming Belt

The High Compression Shaping Belt is your best friend for slimming, toning and losing localized fat! With its Sauna Effect the results are 5 times faster than any other modeling belt.
  • Sauna Effect Technology that accelerates your results by 5x!
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to use during your daily life!
  • Perfect for reducing measurements! Result in a few days!
  • Without showing any marks or folds when wearing under clothing!
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Knee Pad Firm Knee ™

Firm Knee ™ knee brace keeps your knees firm, giving you the push and strength to perform physical exercises and carry weight, avoiding injuries and wear on your knees. Ideal for those who want better performance!

  • With the Firm Knee system, you avoid injury and knee distortion!

  • Ergonomic and can be used for heavy activities, exercise and walking!

  • Reduces effort by up to 70%, ending fatigue and leg pains once and for all!

  • For all ages, avoid leg instability!
  Get your Firm Knee Pad™ knee brace now and maintain stability when doing exercises!

Liftup ™ facial massager | Skincare and massage

The Liftup ™ facial massager is ideal for you who care about your skin and face!

  • Activate blood circulation!

  • Thin your chin and cheeks!

  • Made with real stones!

  • Helps to remove dead cells!
  Purchase your Liftup ™ facial massager today, and upgrade your skincare!

Luminous LED collar – LumenPetz ™

Make night tours safer! Your pet will look stylish and much more visible with our LED collar LumenPetz ™. Guaranteed long life and several sizes to make you comfortable in all the races.  

  • Using only a simple battery, it has a long life!

  • 3 Lighting modes: Constant, Fast flashing and Blinking slowly!

  • Various sizes to choose from, fits all races!

  • Ultra tough, quality assurance or your money back!
  Buy yours LumenPetz ™ right now, and ensure your pet's safety.

MuscleMore ™ weight training roll | Ab roller

The MuscleMore ™ weight machine is a powerful exerciser and ab roller that will help you a lot in weight training!

  • Made of sturdy material!

  • Accompanies rubberized carpet!

  • 100% ergonomic!

  • Wheels with a diameter of 15 cm!
  Get your MuscleMore ™ weight machine now!

Noblanc ™ bar shampoo | Anti-white hair shampoo

The newest bar shampoo Noblanc ™ is the most effective in combating white hair without damaging your hair!

  • Does not leave your hair greasy!

  • It's Eco-Friendly!

  • Do not change the hair structure!

  • Combat white hair!
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