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Electric Duster – Hurricane Spinner 360º

The technology of glasses DarkGlass™ provides comfort to the eyes when watching TVs!

  • Does not spread dust: Its foamy and electrostatic microfiber attracts dust and lint like a magnet that is retained until you rinse it.

  • Clean anywhere: It is able to clean anywhere without taking any objects out of place.

  • High reach: Its an extension arm that makes it 3x larger to clean places you would never reach.
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Eraser cleaning EraMax ™ | Eraser surface cleaning

The innovative EraMax™ Fabric and Leather Cleaning Eraser for you who are looking for a practical means of cleaning!

  • Leaves no smudges!

  • Removes dust and dirt!

  • Clean suede, leather and conventional fabrics!

  • Does not harm the environment!
  Purchase today The innovative EraMax™ Fabric and Leather Cleaning Eraser!

Extendable Softmop Squeegee | Flexible Mop

The SoftMop Flex mop has ultra flexible technology to clean cracks in furniture, tables and cabinets, without wasting your precious time!

  • ultra-resistant flexibility for any form of work!

  • Fully dismountable and portable!

  • Cloths easily washable, just put it in the machine and that's it!

  • Ideal for indoor cleaning with tight spaces!
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FridgetPlus ™ odor remover | Deodorant for refrigerators and freezers

The newest Fridget ™ odor remover is a powerful deodorant for freezers, refrigerators and freezers.!

  • With natural activated carbon!

  • It also removes mold!

  • Purifies the air!

  • Absorbs moisture!
  Get your r odor remover Fridget ™! 

HeadlightMax™ headlight cleaner | Flashlight Defroster

Our HeadlightMax ™ headlight cleaner is also a defroster for car lights and headlights! Immediately restores the headlight lens!

  • Improve the visibility and safety of night driving!

  • Easy to apply!

  • Cleans oxidized and yellowish headlights too!

  • Do not damage the headlight!
  Get your Headlight ™ Headlight Cleaner today!

OvenClean ™ microwave cleaner | Oven cleaner

The amazing OvenClean ™ is a reusable and easy to use oven and microwave cleaner! Clean your oven in 5 minutes!

  • Add vinegar and water and watch the magic happen!

  • Don't overheat!

  • Practical and easy to wash!

  • It doesn't damage the device!
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Super Clean ™ keyboard cleaner | dirt remover

Super Clean ™ has ultra-volatile technology to clean cracks in objects without damaging them. It sticks all and any kind of residue present!

  • Clean and remove any bran or residue from cracks!

  • Can be used on any object!

  • Washable and reusable!

  • Forget the brushes that damaged your appliances!
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WaterMax ™ Spray Mop

The newest WaterMax ™ Mop Spray is for you who like to clean with ease!

  • No more buckets!

  • You don't need extra cloths!

  • You can add the cleaning product you want!
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