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Babyliss Trayplus ™ | Hair waver and curler.

The Trayplus ™ curler and hair curler has exclusive ion technology that allows you to style your hair without damaging it!

  • With adjustable temperature!

  • With three modules!

  • Don't damage your hair!

  • With temperature safety technology!
  Get your Trayplus ™ wavy curler now and style your hair however you want!

Glasses DarkGlass™ | Blue Light protection glasses

The technology of glasses DarkGlass™ provides comfort to the eyes when watching TVs!

  • Unisex Models!

  • Flexible and foldable material!

  • Blue light block and radiation protection!

  • Made with ultra resistant material, maximum polycarbonate quality!
  With universal size and a discreet model, it is the ideal for you!

KidsGlass™ | Blue light protection glasses

The technology of glasses KidsGlass provides comfort to the eyes when watching TVs!

  • Made with ultra resistant material, top quality polycarbonate!

  • Unisex Models!

  • No prescription needed!

  • Blue light block and radiation protection!
  Get our MultiPlus ™ right now and get in shape!

MultiPlus ™ multifunctional exerciser | Weight training and aerobic exercises

Our multifunctional exerciser MultiPlus ™ it's for you who like to exercise at home and in the park!

  • Made of sturdy material!

  • 100% ergonomic!

  • Steel structure!

  • Exercises arms, abdomen, quadrille, waists, legs and butt!
  Get our MultiPlus ™ right now   and get in shape!

Noblanc ™ bar shampoo | Anti-white hair shampoo

The newest bar shampoo Noblanc ™ is the most effective in combating white hair without damaging your hair!

  • Does not leave your hair greasy!

  • It's Eco-Friendly!

  • Do not change the hair structure!

  • Combat white hair!
  Secure yours today Noblanc ™ Shampoo !

Snoring ™ Anti Snoring Band | Jaw Exercise Range

Our Snoring ™ anti snoring band is ideal for you who care about the quality of your sleep! Does not squeeze or mark.

  • Adjustable!

  • 100% ergonomic!

  • Made with Neoprene technology!

  • Combat sleep apnea too!
  Get your Snoring ™ anti snoring track now and say goodbye to sleepless nights!

Therapeutic Reticulated Glasses

The best glasses on the market arrived ! With the highest quality, our glasses allow you to exercise your eyes with just thirty minutes a day, being the most reliable and most recommended.

  • Decreases the excess light absorbed by the eyes.

  • Exercises the eye muscles by slowing diseases.

  • Relax and improve with symptoms of tired eyes.
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Wallet Slipt ™ | Metallic Card Holder

The Slipt ™ wallet and card holder is practical, safe, and durable! With easylock technology, it's easy to handle and doesn't leave your documents and cards on display!
  • Made of Prime Aluminum alloy!
  • Water resistant!
  • Cards, Money and Documents!
  • Light and practical!
  Get your Slipt ™ wallet now!