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Babyliss Trayplus ™ | Hair waver and curler.

The Trayplus ™ curler and hair curler has exclusive ion technology that allows you to style your hair without damaging it!

  • With adjustable temperature!

  • With three modules!

  • Don't damage your hair!

  • With temperature safety technology!
  Get your Trayplus ™ wavy curler now and style your hair however you want!

BandFit ™ exercise band | Bandage for Bodybuilding and Yoga

Our BandFit ™ Exercise Band is for you who want to strengthen your muscles effortlessly!
  • Made with ultra-resistant elastic!
  • 100% ergonomic!
  • Available in 5 colors!
  • Exercise your thighs, waist, calves and hips
Get our BandFit ™ Exercise Band now and get in shape!

Body Slim tension rope | Exercise tension pedal

The innovative Body Slim tension rope is for you who want to exercise in the comfort of home!

  • Made with ultra resistant elastic!

  • Made of PVC!

  • 100% ergonomic!

  • Exercise your shoulder, waist, legs and arm!
  Get the Body Slim tension rope now and get in shape!

BrowMax ™ brush with eyebrow scissors | Eyebrow design

The newest BrowMax ™ Eyebrow Scissors Brush is ideal for you who like to shape your eyebrows precisely!

  • Made of sturdy material!

  • It doesn't hurt!

  • Can be washed Easy to wash!

  • Precise and delicate cut!
  Get the BrowMax ™ brush with eyebrow scissors now

Capillary Fiber Anti Baldness

Anti bald™ is the perfect solution to add volume to your hair and hide baldness! Extremely easy to use, with instant results, perfect for men and women!

  • Exclusive technology MaxQueratin✓, which increases hair volume!

  • Apply the powder to the area with the least hair and watch the magic happen!

  • Excellent results in areas that still have some hair!

  • Available in 10 hair colors, and with a gift applicator!
  Get your Anti bald ™ now and cover up your flaws in your hair!

DepilPlus ™ Depilatory Sponge | Hair removal sponge

The newest DepilPlus ™ Depilatory Sponge is ideal for you who are looking for a more practical and comfortable depilation!

  • Totally painless!

  • Does not irritate the skin!

  • Can be used while showering!

  • Made of sturdy material!
  Get your Depilatory Sponge now and say goodbye to unwanted hair!

Ergonomic pillow PillowPlus ™ | Butterfly type pillow

The PillowPlus ™ ergonomic pillow 100% ergonomic and soft, combats muscle pain and discomfort, and guarantees a night of full sleep!

  • Easily Washable!

  • Universal size!

  • With Ball-X technology, for improved circulation!

  • Light and ergonomic!
  Get the Ergonomic Pillow PillowPlus ™ now say goodbye to sleepless nights!

Foot massage mat Profeet ™ | Smart Carpet

The Profeet ™ foot massage mat is a high-power massage mat with up to 6 massage modes!

  • With adjustment of up to 4 temperatures!

  • 15 levels of strength!

  • Shiatsu massage and acupressure!

  • Foldable and easy to carry!
  Get the newest Profeet ™ foot massage mat now!

Glasses DarkGlass™ | Blue Light protection glasses

The technology of glasses DarkGlass™ provides comfort to the eyes when watching TVs!

  • Unisex Models!

  • Flexible and foldable material!

  • Blue light block and radiation protection!

  • Made with ultra resistant material, maximum polycarbonate quality!
  With universal size and a discreet model, it is the ideal for you!

High Compression Shaping Girdle | Reducing Slimming Belt

The High Compression Shaping Belt is your best friend for slimming, toning and losing localized fat! With its Sauna Effect the results are 5 times faster than any other modeling belt.
  • Sauna Effect Technology that accelerates your results by 5x!
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to use during your daily life!
  • Perfect for reducing measurements! Result in a few days!
  • Without showing any marks or folds when wearing under clothing!
  Buy now!

JumpPlus ™ Crossfit Rope | Exercise Rope

The JumpPlus ™ Crossfit Rope is for you to keep exercising!  

  • Made of sturdy material!

  • Adjustable cables, can be cut!

  • Various colors!

  • Exercise your hips, waist, legs and butt!
  Get our JumpPlus ™ Crossfit Rope now and get in shape!

KidsGlass™ | Blue light protection glasses

The technology of glasses KidsGlass provides comfort to the eyes when watching TVs!

  • Made with ultra resistant material, top quality polycarbonate!

  • Unisex Models!

  • No prescription needed!

  • Blue light block and radiation protection!
  Get our MultiPlus ™ right now and get in shape!