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Knee Pad Firm Knee ™

Firm Knee ™ knee brace keeps your knees firm, giving you the push and strength to perform physical exercises and carry weight, avoiding injuries and wear on your knees. Ideal for those who want better performance!

  • With the Firm Knee system, you avoid injury and knee distortion!

  • Ergonomic and can be used for heavy activities, exercise and walking!

  • Reduces effort by up to 70%, ending fatigue and leg pains once and for all!

  • For all ages, avoid leg instability!
  Get your Firm Knee Pad™ knee brace now and maintain stability when doing exercises!

Liftup ™ facial massager | Skincare and massage

The Liftup ™ facial massager is ideal for you who care about your skin and face!

  • Activate blood circulation!

  • Thin your chin and cheeks!

  • Made with real stones!

  • Helps to remove dead cells!
  Purchase your Liftup ™ facial massager today, and upgrade your skincare!

MultiPlus ™ multifunctional exerciser | Weight training and aerobic exercises

Our multifunctional exerciser MultiPlus ™ it's for you who like to exercise at home and in the park!

  • Made of sturdy material!

  • 100% ergonomic!

  • Steel structure!

  • Exercises arms, abdomen, quadrille, waists, legs and butt!
  Get our MultiPlus ™ right now   and get in shape!

MuscleMore ™ weight training roll | Ab roller

The MuscleMore ™ weight machine is a powerful exerciser and ab roller that will help you a lot in weight training!

  • Made of sturdy material!

  • Accompanies rubberized carpet!

  • 100% ergonomic!

  • Wheels with a diameter of 15 cm!
  Get your MuscleMore ™ weight machine now!

Noblanc ™ bar shampoo | Anti-white hair shampoo

The newest bar shampoo Noblanc ™ is the most effective in combating white hair without damaging your hair!

  • Does not leave your hair greasy!

  • It's Eco-Friendly!

  • Do not change the hair structure!

  • Combat white hair!
  Secure yours today Noblanc ™ Shampoo !

PeriodPlus ™ silicon menstrual cup | Period collector

The newest PeriodPlus ™ silicone menstrual cup is ideal for you who care about your hygiene!
  • Antibacterial!
  • Available in 3 colors!
  • Can be washed with mild soap and hot water!
  • Made 100% in silicone!
  Purchase your PeriodPlus ™ silicone menstrual cup today!

PostureFit ™ | Postural Modeler

The PostureFit ™ Posture Corrector is ideal for those who need to correct their posture! Totally practical and painless!

  • Ergonomic and comfortable to use during your day-to-day life!
  • Perfect for those looking for quick results!

  • Do not mark or tighten!
  • Adjustable size!

Secure your PostureFit ™ now and correct your posture!

SmartFeet ™ orthopedic insole | Ergonomic Insole

The newest SmartFeet ™ orthopedic insole will revolutionize the way you step!

  • Made of orthopedic gel!

  • Do not leave foot odor!

  • Adjustable and cutable!

  • Foldable and easy to wash!
  Get your SmartFeet ™ orthopedic insole now!

Snoring ™ Anti Snoring Band | Jaw Exercise Range

Our Snoring ™ anti snoring band is ideal for you who care about the quality of your sleep! Does not squeeze or mark.

  • Adjustable!

  • 100% ergonomic!

  • Made with Neoprene technology!

  • Combat sleep apnea too!
  Get your Snoring ™ anti snoring track now and say goodbye to sleepless nights!

Therapeutic Reticulated Glasses

The best glasses on the market arrived ! With the highest quality, our glasses allow you to exercise your eyes with just thirty minutes a day, being the most reliable and most recommended.

  • Decreases the excess light absorbed by the eyes.

  • Exercises the eye muscles by slowing diseases.

  • Relax and improve with symptoms of tired eyes.
  Get your glasses now!

Vanix ™ Anti-Varnish and Spot Laser | Skin blemish lightener

Lazer Anti-Varicose, Blemishes and Acne Vanix ™ is for you who need an effective treatment against varicose veins, acne and body blemishes!

  • Rejuvenate the skin!

  • 100% painless!

  • Does not damage the skin!

  • Eliminates fungi, bacteria and acne from the skin!
  Get the innovative Lazer anti-acne, blemishes and acne Vanix ™ now!