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BeardHair ™ electric trimmer | Wireless sideboard

Our BeardHair ™ shaver and hair clipper is ideal for your salon and salon!
  • Rechargeable!
  • Aluminum base!
  • Exclusive PTC technology!
  • Do not rust!
  Get our BeardHair ™ shaver and hair clipper now and cut your hair however you want!

BrowMax ™ brush with eyebrow scissors | Eyebrow design

The newest BrowMax ™ Eyebrow Scissors Brush is ideal for you who like to shape your eyebrows precisely!

  • Made of sturdy material!

  • It doesn't hurt!

  • Can be washed Easy to wash!

  • Precise and delicate cut!
  Get the BrowMax ™ brush with eyebrow scissors now

Electric Duster – Hurricane Spinner 360º

The technology of glasses DarkGlass™ provides comfort to the eyes when watching TVs!

  • Does not spread dust: Its foamy and electrostatic microfiber attracts dust and lint like a magnet that is retained until you rinse it.

  • Clean anywhere: It is able to clean anywhere without taking any objects out of place.

  • High reach: Its an extension arm that makes it 3x larger to clean places you would never reach.
  Get your 360º Hurricane Spinner and end your problems!

Eraser cleaning EraMax ™ | Eraser surface cleaning

The innovative EraMax™ Fabric and Leather Cleaning Eraser for you who are looking for a practical means of cleaning!

  • Leaves no smudges!

  • Removes dust and dirt!

  • Clean suede, leather and conventional fabrics!

  • Does not harm the environment!
  Purchase today The innovative EraMax™ Fabric and Leather Cleaning Eraser!

FridgetPlus ™ odor remover | Deodorant for refrigerators and freezers

The newest Fridget ™ odor remover is a powerful deodorant for freezers, refrigerators and freezers.!

  • With natural activated carbon!

  • It also removes mold!

  • Purifies the air!

  • Absorbs moisture!
  Get your r odor remover Fridget ™! 

GlassMax ™ windshield repair kit | Glass repair

The new GlassMax ™ Windshield Repair Kit is a super powerful glass repair kit that comes with an installation kit and manual, and can be easily used by anyone!

  • Resistant to rain and heat!

  • Can be applied at home!

  • For any type of glass!

  • Repair in 20 minutes!
  Get the GlassMax ™ windshield repair kit now and say goodbye to the workshop!

HeadlightMax™ headlight cleaner | Flashlight Defroster

Our HeadlightMax ™ headlight cleaner is also a defroster for car lights and headlights! Immediately restores the headlight lens!

  • Improve the visibility and safety of night driving!

  • Easy to apply!

  • Cleans oxidized and yellowish headlights too!

  • Do not damage the headlight!
  Get your Headlight ™ Headlight Cleaner today!

Inflatable mattress MaxMattres ™ Camping mattress

The MaxMattres ™ mattress provides comfort and agility in its assembly. With ultra resistant material and a built-in air pump!

  • Water resistant TPU material!

  • With built-in air pump!

  • Double valve for filling and emptying!

  • 100% EcoFriendly!
  Get your MattressMax now!

Kneading repair on cars MoshMax ™

The MoshMax ™ car kneading repairer has the action of a golden hammer, more efficient, cheaper and effective!

  • Made with exclusive ESS technology!

  • Immediate results!

  • It doesn't damage the painting!

  • Eliminates dents in the car!
  Get your MoshMax ™

MagHold ™ support | Magnetic Car Holder for Cell Phone

The car carrier MagHold is the ideal solution for any situation! With magnetic attraction technology, your cell phone is always ready at your fingertips.

  • Allows for quick coupling and removal!

  • Works on Smartphones, Tablets and GPS!

  • Prime aluminum center mold!

  • Super strong magnet, safe even upside down!
  Secure your MagHold support right now!

MetaGrip ™ Universal Combination Wrench for Nuts and Bolts

The MetaGrip can tighten and loosen just about everything. Using a new MasterTool ™ imitation technology, it can be much more effective and practical than all other tools. Facilitate and simplify your reforms and inventions.  

  • Exclusive MasterTool ™ adaptive nozzle technology!

  • Can be easily attached to a drill!

  • 7-19 mm nozzle for greater compatibility!

  • Modern and sturdy design!
  Get your MetaGrip now and simplify your renovations.

One Glide Scratch ™ The Best Scratch Remover Kit for cars and motorcycles

The best way to remove that unwanted risk from your vehicle, the One Glide Scratch ™ has easy application and great results. Don't spend money on a golden hammer and solve the problem yourself.

  • Exclusive PoliMaster intelectual technology!

  • Works in all colors and restores the original shine!

  • Easy to apply and leaves no stains!

  • Removes scratches, scrapes, marks from paints and adhesives!
  Get the One Glide Scratch ™ now and leave your car or motorcycle safe.