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BruitePlus ™ ambient sound generator | White noise machine

The new BruitePlus ™ Ambient Sound Generator is a white noise machine, comfortable for your hearing and ideal for your relaxation!

  • Instant Result!

  • For adults and children!

  • With USB charger!

  • Melhora o desempenho em atividades que exigem concentração!
  Get the BruitePlus™ Ambient Sound Generator now!

Flash 3000 virtual reality goggles | Game glasses | VR glasses

VR ™ glasses perfect for adding excitement to games, videos and more. Functional and practical to use on any mobile device, providing unique and incredible experiences.

  • With technology Virtual Reality™ allows full interaction with the environment!

  • For games, movies and 3D software!

  • Excellent image visibility field, adjustable for each device!

  • Compatible with any mobile device!
  Get your VR Glasses™ and see a new world!

Spy Lamp 360 °

The Spy 360 Lamp brings you the best of functionality and discretion - lets you monitor in real time, with high definition 360 ° audio and images !
  • It works like a traditional lamp.
  • Shoot in 360 ° in high definition!
  • Real-time audio communication!
  • Various operating modes and presence sensor!
Connects to your Wi-Fi network, and allows you to monitor your home from anywhere you are!